Front Lever routine by phases of movement, for beginners and intermediate

Front Lever is an element that I have always struggled with. It took me years to be able to “more or less” hold it, and just some months ago I got injured in my abs and that made me stop training it, so now I have to start all over again. And this time I want to do it with a very well designed routine that I will show you next.

In this case the method that I’m going to use is the one that I think to be the most effective, with the best exercises. And that is what I am going to share with you in this article, in which we will analyze the front lever routines by phase of movement for beginners and intermediate, available in the app.

In this routines we will focus on working the different movement phases in order to “attack” the front lever from all angles. We will use concentric exercises (“regular” reps), eccentric exercise (negatives) and isometric exercises (holding a position).

We will see a beginner routine and other more advanced one for people who are close to get the front lever, or who already have it and want to improve it.

Lets start with the beginner routine:

  • 5x2 One legged negative front lever
  • 4X5 Tucked elevations
  • 4X5 Bar rows
  • 4x Máx tucked front lever
  • 5X2 One legged dragon flag negative
  • 4X12 Scapular retractions

1’ 45” rests between sets and exercises Do it 1 to 3 times a week

As you can see, we have an eccentric first exercise, then the second is concentric, the third is concentric again, the forth is isometric, the fifth is eccentric and the last one is complementary for the scapular retraction work.

This way we make sure that we have a complete front lever workout in one routine, focusing specially on strength gains with the eccentric work, but also improving the involved musculature tone mainly with the concentric work and reinforcing the stabilization musculature with the isometric exercises.

Lastly, as our main goal is the strength gains, this routine has long rest periods, that will allow us to do every set with strict form and better muscle activation.

Now lets see the advanced routine:

  • 5x2 Negative front lever
  • 4X5 Advanced tucked elevations
  • 4X10 Bar rows
  • 4X Max low advanced tucked
  • 5X2 Negative dragon flag
  • 4X12 Elevated scapular retractions

1’ 45” rests between sets and exercises Do it 1 to 3 times a week

Again we repeat the same tactic but with harder exercises.

Remember that you can find these routines for free on the app, on the tension category. You can search them by name typing “front”.

As for today that I am revisiting this article, I have been doing this routine for a couple months and the results have been notable. I have the best from lever that I have ever had, to the point of people congratulating me for the progress. So from my personal experience this routine is really effective, I hope ii works for you as well!



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