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What supplements do I take for my Calisthenics workout? - Yerai Street Workout

Yerai Alonso

Yerai Alonso

What supplements do I take for my Calisthenics workout? - Yerai Street Workout

This article refers to one of the questions that I get asked most, which is if I take some kind of supplementation. First, I will talk about the supplements that I don't take and why, and then which ones I do take and why, and then I will tell you where to get them.

Which supplements I DON'T take:

I don't take mass gainers, bcaas or pre workouts. I am not against this products, and don't think they are bad for your health, but I personally don't take them. I think you have to be careful with the pre workouts because they usually have a lot of stimulants like caffeine and if you exceed the recommended dosage or you take them late in the day, you can have trouble sleeping. My advice is to never exceed the recommended dosage and never take them after 16 pm.

I don't need the extra energy that those supplements may give you because I love to train and I am always excited to do my workout.

Obviously I don't take any steroids or any other doping substance.

Which supplements I DO take:

  • Omega 3: It's an essential fatty acid. It seems to be related to reducing systemic inflammation and improving mental and cardiovascular health. It's one of the supplements with the most benefit in general. In your diet you can get it mostly from fish, but if you cannot eat a lot of fish weekly, taking a supplement can be a great option. Just make sure your omega-3 is from a high quality supplement to avoid any problems with oxidation.
  • ZMB6 (zinc, magnessium and vitamin B6). Zinc is one of the hard to get minerals, most people diets have not enough zinc. And it is very important for having good testosterone levels. Magnessium is other of the most important minerals for a lot of body functions (physiological functions, insulin sensitivity, mental health...). One of the most rapid effects that I have noticed when taking this supplement is that if I take it at night I sleep much better, I sleep deeply and feel a better rest.
  • Creatine: One of the most studied supplements, that has probed its efficacy time and time again. The list of benefits is enormous among which are: muscle mass gain, strength performance improvements, fatigue reduction and energy increase.
  • Multivitamin: Even though I make sure that my diet is complete and balanced. I like to use a multivitamin to make sure that my body have every micronutrient that it needs. I want it to specificly have vitamin B3 (anti-aging properties), vitamin C and vitamin E. \

As you can see, my goals with my supplementation are:

  1. Having great overall health. This way I avoid being losing training days because of being sick, apart for the health benefits. I've been healthy for more than a year, without having any little cold or anything like that. I try to have optimal health for my training and for my life in general.
  2. Having great rest and sleep. This is very important so my body can recover and build strenght from every training session.
  3. Having great natural testosterone levels. Testosterone is the most important hormone for us and having it in optimal levels will make you more muscle, energy, you will feel more vigorous and your performance will improve.
  4. Having great joint health. Making sure you avoid injuries, pain and can have the best performance in you training.

Here you have links to all those supplements if you want to use them. They are from Prozis, which is the brand that I work with, great quality and they ship worldwide (free shipping for orders greater than 20€). Don't forget to use my discount code YERAI to get 10% off.

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