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18 effective exercises that target shoulder muscles (including a challenge)

Yerai Alonso

Yerai Alonso

18 effective exercises that target shoulder muscles (including a challenge)

In this article, we will explain a shoulder routine that includes different exercises. From those that involve great complexity in their execution to the easiest to perform. You can find this routine on Calisteniapp, clicking here.

The dynamic will be as follows: we will start with one rep and we will add one more in each exercise. This routine will allow you to know all the shoulder exercises that you can use to strengthen the muscles and, in addition, it is a challenge to complete it.

  1. 90º push up
  2. deep handstand push-ups
  3. 45º push up
  4. L sit to handstand
  5. tucked planche to handstand
  6. frogstand to handstand
  7. handstand push-ups
  8. climb the wall
  9. lean push ups
  10. assisted handstand push ups
  1. pseudo push ups
  2. swinging dips
  3. partial handstand push up
  4. incline dips
  5. hindu push ups
  6. pike push ups
  7. declined push ups
  8. T push ups

As you may have noticed, we have not added planche progression exercises because in this case we are focusing on strengthening the shoulders. While it is true that progressions are important (learning how to place the scapulae correctly, advanced tucked, tucked lean planche), ultimately, if your goal is to do the planche, you need to strengthen your shoulders. Therefore, the purpose of this routine is to use reps exercises, whether they are difficult exercises with few reps or simpler exercises with more reps. Since the most difficult exercises are placed first, you may not be able to do any at first. In that case, start from the exercise that you are capable of executing and gradually add exercises until you reach the complete routine.

You can find this routine for free on Calisteniapp and you can also do the shoulder and triceps routine from the Smart Progress section of the app.

Written by Johanna Suárez Hernández


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