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Can women do Calisthenics?

Yerai Alonso

Yerai Alonso

Can women do Calisthenics?

In the short but intense modern history of Calisthenics, the sport has been seen as primarily a male activity. Bar parks in dangerous neighborhoods full of shirtless men listening to rap music.

Can women participate in this activity?

The reality is that this stereotype of Calisthenics as a male sport is not true as for today. Parks are environments for healthy activity and community building, where the people who practice it create a group and help each other, being totally inclusive with people who want to join, whoever they are.

In addition, there is also a misconception that to train Calisthenics you have to have a lot of upper body strength and be able to do pull-ups, muscle ups, tricks, planks, front levers, etc. This is obviously false, Calisthenics covers much more than that and there are exercises and progressions for all levels, including people who have never trained and have no strength.

Can a woman go to a Calisthenics park?

If as a woman you go to a Calisthenics park, it is most likely that you will meet people who look strong and rude but are very friendly and willing to help you, give you advice and include you in their training group.

Today there are more and more girls who practice Calisthenics and in the parks you will normally see female representation, and if you ask them, they will always tell you that they feel totally integrated and comfortable with their training partners.

How to train Calisthenics as a woman?

Like any other person, everything will depend on your initial level, you simply have to adapt the routines and exercises to your capacity. For example if you are not able to do push ups, pull ups and dips, you can train using knee push ups, Australian pull ups and bench dips.

Calisthenics training can also be adapted to the goals of each person. Our recommendation is that you train your entire body, but it is true that there are many women who prefer to train only their legs, abs, and glutes. If this is your goal, you can also do it with Calisthenics.

In routines for beginners section you have many examples. And if you need level 0 routines with the easiest progressions that anyone can do without a problem, take a look at these ones.

If you want a specific routine for glutes, abs, and legs, take a look at these.

Can a woman learn Calisthenics tricks?

Obviously yes, nowadays progressions and exercises are known for all levels, and you can adapt the training and progress in each of the best-known tricks and movements.

Take a look at our routines section for more information.


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