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March 2021 most voted progress

Yerai Alonso

Yerai Alonso

March 2021 most voted progress

Thanks to the votes of the post of March 2021 greatest progress, @ferranarnau99 has been the winner of this month.

About Ferran

  • Height 1,74⁣m
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Beginnings in en calisthenics: 2020
  • Initial weight: 60 kg
  • Current weight: 65 kg⁣

Unblocked tricks and skills

  • Muscle up
  • 5" front lever
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Advanced tucked planche

His story

My story with calisthenics begins on February 26, in which after being encouraged by some friends and later by my girlfriend, I decided to go to the park to train, because due to a urine infection, I lost 13 kg in three weeks, and with it the little muscle I had.

The first day I went to the park it was horrible. I couldn't do a pull-up and it was even hard for me to do assisted pull-ups with a 35kg elastic band. I could do one or two dips and a maximum of 8 push-ups in a row, so I ended up very unmotivated since my ability within calisthenics at that time, was null. I was training for 3 weeks going 2 days to the park, with the bad luck that the coronavirus arises and they confine us at home. But instead of seeing it as a disadvantage, I saw it as an advantage to be able to train more constantly. Therefore, I started doing chin-up refusals on an old door frame and, from there, learning about it and trying to improve day by day. I was hooked on the world of calisthenics.

When the confinement was finished, I could already do several repetitions with 10 kg of ballast, series of 8 reps of dips and more than 200 push-ups, that was when 4 friends decided to do the Camino del Guerrero, which we spent 2 and a half months to complete. And, from there, with what I considered a good base, I started training with Calisteniapp, which is where I have really noticed my greatest progress.

Right now, what motivates me the most is being able to improve day by day, being able to acquire more strength to be able to do the different calisthenics tricks more easily, in order to compete in 2/3 years, since it is one of my goals in the medium term.

What are you waiting for to start calisthenics? We can all achieve it with effort and dedication.

Today, it's him. Tomorrow, it can be you!


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