Shoulders Strengthening

challenge Shoulders Strengthening


The objective of this challenge is to increase our shoulder strength and our discipline through a gradual progression that allows us to prioritize this important muscle group for our progress in Calisthenics. Specifically, we will focus on exercises for the anterior deltoid or front shoulder area, which implies that we will also give a lot of work to the pectorals, triceps and trapezius mainly. On each day you will find a routine for beginners, intermediate and advanced so that you can adapt it to your level, even so, at all levels, the first routines will be easier and will become more complicated as the challenge progresses. If you have trouble executing any of the exercises, adapt it to your level. Remember to share your progress with @calisteniapp.

You must know

  • Each day has a routine for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

  • The whole challenge can be done without material, although you can use push up grips in some exercises if it is more comfortable for you.

  • The duration of the routines will be variable from about 20 minutes, the first days, to about 1 hour in the last days.

  • Every day we will advise you on what rest time to use.

  • Try to do the challenge 21 days in a row, there will be soft download days scheduled for you to recover. If you can't train one day, pick up where you left off the next.

Required Material

  • Box
  • Bodyweight

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