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Unwavering Discipline


Unwavering Discipline

About this challenge

In this challenge we will work for 21 days to demonstrate our discipline and perseverance. Each day will have a different type of routine, with a variant for beginners, intermediate, advanced and one to do at home without material, so there is no excuse! You can participate in the challenge, whatever your level and conditions. In addition, although each day is a variety of training, the challenge in general has a cohesion of full body work with a series of key exercises that progress throughout it. Discover and try a large number of types of routines while training your entire body and building the training habit. Remember to share your progress with @calisteniapp.

Must know

  • Each day of the challenge has a routine for beginners, intermediate, advanced and one to do at home without material.

  • The duration of the routines is variable, from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the type of routine you play and the rest times you choose.

  • On each day we will advise you on what rest time to use.

  • The challenge generally works the entire body, although there will be specific days for different muscle groups.

  • Try to do the challenge 21 days in a row, there will be soft discharge days scheduled for you to recover. If you can't train one day, pick up where you left off the next.


Each day has a routine adapted for beginners, so there are no minimum requirements.

Necessary material

You can train in a calisthenics park or at home without material.