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How to get results with Calisthenics

Yerai Alonso

Yerai Alonso

How to get results with Calisthenics

There are some keys to the psychological factor in training that are often underestimated and that will make your results noticeably better. These keys can directly result in you achieving your goals, instead of failing as happens to most people who set themselves a training regime.

The main factor that we are referring to is integrating training as part of your life: you have to train, whatever the conditions, just like you have to eat, just like you have to drink water, etc.

If you are traveling and have no equipment or park, you train on the floor and the wall. If you have a shoulder injury, you train your legs, if your knee hurts, you train your shoulders, if you have a very busy day and you don't have much time, you do 100 push-ups in 5 minutes wherever you are. If you can't leave the house because you have to take care of your cousin, you train at home. If you're sick with a cold, you train easy. Is it raining or is it very cold? You train at home.

Just like when you are hungry you look for a way to eat, whatever the circumstances, just like when you are thirsty you look for a way to drink water, whatever the circumstances. This is how you have to treat training, you have to do it, in whatever way, whatever the circumstances.

There are times when there are compelling reasons not to train, if you have a high fever it is normal that you do not train that day, if you are admitted to the hospital it is normal that you do not train that day, but apart from extreme cases, almost, almost always you can find a way to comply.

One of the advantages of calisthenics training is that you can do it anywhere, even if you do not have adequate space or equipment, even if you normally train with weights, do crossfit or weightlifting, when you have no option to train as you like, you can resort to calisthenics as a substitute. In Calisteniapp we have in the routines section, a complete section of routines "at home" which are routines that can be done without equipment so there you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

These training sessions may not be the most optimal or the ones that give the best results, but they are better than nothing, they keep you striving for your goals, they prevent you from going backwards, they build your consistency and they build your discipline.

What is achieved with this mentality? Imagine that for a year, because of different excuses such as the ones we mentioned above, you cancel an average of 1 training session per week and there are 3 full weeks that you do not train at all due to a minor injury, vacation or because winter is coming. This equates to about 60 workouts you miss in a year, 60 sessions you don't do.

Do you know the progress that can be achieved with 60 training sessions? Can you imagine the difference in one year from having missed 60 training sessions to having missed only the strictly necessary? What would you be like today if you hadn't made so many excuses and missed so many workouts? Even if those sessions are not perfect or with the ideal circumstances, the difference would be brutal.

And this assuming that you continue training, because another very common situation is that you have a setback that does not allow you to train as you would like and you stop training, you lose the habit, and then when you want to resume it, you no longer have the willpower, you no longer see yourself with enough motivation and you simply leave it, either indefinitely or for a much longer time than necessary.

If you had only looked for a way to continue doing something, in any way, if only your training was part of your life, if only you had built the habit...

In my personal case, I am proud to have fulfilled what I comment in this article. When I have been injured, I have trained what I could, when I had knee surgery, I trained upper body, when the quarantine arrived, I trained at home and virtually with many of you, when I have been sick, I have trained more lightly, when I have been traveling I have trained without equipment or have looked for the nearest parks.

During all these years they may have seen me with a better or worse physique, with better or worse abilities, depending on the training objectives I had at each moment, but you will never have seen me out of shape, they will never have seen me lose all my musculature or all my strength, and I've been uploading content to the networks since 2014, so you can check if you want the last 8 years to see if you find any slip.

And now that I have a more aesthetic goal, I encourage you to follow me so you can see the results that are coming, I promise I won't let you down.

As a final tip for you to apply what is explained in this article, I recommend that you look for the exercises, training methods, routines and objectives that you like the most, there is a wide variety to choose from so look for the ones that you are most passionate about, the


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