180º side vault

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180º side vault


180º side vault

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About this program

The 180º side vault is one of the simplest dynamic tricks, and a good way to get started in this type of movement. In addition, it is a trick that you will later have as a resource to change direction in your freestyle combinations. It does not require too much basic strength, which we will work on throughout the different phases.

Must know

  • The program is designed to be done twice a week, with an extra routine in case you want to do a third session.

  • Take intermediate breaks, between 1' and 2:30”, depending on how difficult the routine is for you.

  • The duration of the routines is between 20 and 45 minutes.

  • The first levels are designed for beginners, if you find them too easy, just do the walkthrough progressions and combine them with your usual routine.

  • Review the video and descriptive text of each progression to make sure you do it correctly.


Being able to do at least 20 push-ups and 10 dips in parallel.

Necessary material

Pull-up bar and low bar. We recommend that they be bars in which the floor is padded, or use some type of mat.