Advanced hypertrophy with rings

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Advanced hypertrophy with rings


Advanced hypertrophy with rings

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About this program

Due to the success of the training program with rings, we have decided to create a second, slightly more advanced version for those who want to continue improving. The work is distributed in 8 phases over 23 weeks, although the actual duration will be set by your rate of progress. This program has been carried out with the advice of @jringsgravity_workout.

Must know

  • It is designed to be done twice a week, with an extra routine in case you want to do a 3rd session.

  • Use rest times in between, between one minute and two and a half minutes, depending on how difficult you find the routine.


It is recommended to have an intermediate level to start with, so ideally you should already be familiar with the basic ring exercises (push-ups, dips, rows and pull-ups) or have done the intermediate version of the program available in the app.

Necessary material

Rings that can be placed at different heights.