Calisthenics requirements

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Calisthenics requirements


Calisthenics requirements

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About this program

The calisthenics requirements are routines that help you measure your progress and your current level, setting a goal to meet to exceed a certain level. The idea is that you prepare for each level for a while and when you think you can beat it, give it a try. They are routines that must be finished before a time limit, you must complete the marked repetitions of each exercise, but you do not have to do them all in a single series, but you can divide the repetitions as much as necessary. On the other hand, the order of the exercises must be respected.

Must know

  • The main routine of each phase is a challenge that you must complete in the indicated time. Booster routines help you work toward that goal.

  • This program is to measure your abilities, not to be used as regular training.


For the first test you must be able to muscle up and be able to do exercises such as pull-ups, funds or push-ups with ease.

Necessary material

Pull-up bar and parallel bars.