Fullbody muscle building

  • Objective

  • The goal of this program is for you to achieve good muscle development throughout your body and to learn basic calisthenics exercises from the simplest to the most advanced.
  • Level

  • Beginner
  • Duration

  • 29 Weeks
  • Frequence

  • 4 Days
Fullbody muscle building


This program is one of the most suitable to start your journey as a calisthenics athlete. The main objective of this plan is to gain strength, muscle mass and resistance throughout the body. It is ideal to obtain a good general level in calisthenics exercises as well as a healthy fitness level.

Must know

  • Although it is listed as a beginner plan, when finished, you will have an intermediate level in bodyweight training.
  • It is designed to be done 3 times a week. However, it has extra routines in case some week you want to train an extra day.
  • The approximate duration of the routines is 45 minutes.
  • The durations in weeks of each phase and of the complete program are indicative, since it is possible that if you find difficulties in some specific exercise you have to extend some phase and do it for an extra week.

Required Material

  • Low bar
  • Bodyweight
  • Box
  • Parallettes
  • Pull up bar


Being capable of doing:

  • 5 incline push-ups level 0

Phase 13 Weeks

Level 0 Beginner Conditioning

Phase 22 Weeks

Prep before basics

Phase 32 Weeks

Calisthenics basics introductory

Phase 43 Weeks

Introduction to parallel work

Phase 53 Weeks

Pull-Up strengthening

Phase 62 Weeks

Prone Pull-Up strengthening

Phase 73 Weeks

Advanced back and shoulder control

Phase 84 Weeks

First pines and greater explosiveness

Phase 94 Weeks

Introduction to the muscle up and handstand push-ups

Phase 103 Weeks

Full body domination

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