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About this program

The hephaestus is one of the most powerful strength movements in calisthenics, in which your biceps and shoulder strength will be paramount. In addition, you will test the preparation of your joints, your technique and your mobility.

Must know

  • The hephaestus is a movement that requires a good initial preparation, so I recommend you work hard on the first levels, allowing time for your joints and connective tissue to adapt to the different exercises.

  • The program is designed to be done twice a week, with an extra routine in case you want to do a third session.

  • The workouts focus on building strength, so you can use long rests of between 2' and 3', depending on how difficult the workout is for you.


You must be able to do the back lever, dips and pull-ups with ease.

Necessary material

Pull-up bar, low bar, parallel bars.