One arm front lever

  • Objective

  • Being able to do at least 5" of front leverage with one hand.
  • Level

  • Intermediate
  • Duration

  • 18 Weeks
  • Frequence

  • 4 Days
One arm front lever


The one-armed front lever is an advanced level tension exercise, requiring great strength from the lats and the shoulder joint in general. Through this training plan, you will be able to remove this element of tension. Program created in collaboration with Aythami González.

Must know

  • This exercise and its progressions put the shoulder joint to the limit, so remember to always warm up well. In phase 1 you have a warm-up example in case you need a guide.
  • The plan is designed to be done twice a week, with an extra routine in case you want to do a third session.
  • In unilateral exercises, remember to do the number of repetitions or seconds with each arm.
  • Use rest times between medium and long, from 1'30” to 4' depending on how difficult the routine is for you. If you notice that you are not progressing in any of the phases, increase the rest time.

Required Material

  • Pull up bar
  • Bodyweight
  • Low bar
  • Parallettes


Being capable of doing:

  • 10 front lever

Phase 13 Weeks

Front lever reinforcement and unilateral familiarization

Phase 23 Weeks

One arm front lever familiarization

Phase 34 Weeks

Increased difficulty in progressions

Phase 44 Weeks

One arm front lever preliminary

Phase 54 Weeks

One arm front lever

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