Planche mastery

  • Objective

  • Master both the Straddle Planche and the Full Planche
  • Level

  • Advanced
  • Duration

  • 35 Weeks
  • Frequence

  • 3 Days
Planche mastery


The planche is an static exercise that is quite demanding on the shoulders, so it is necessary to carry out progressive training that increases the difficulty little by little. This is why it is the longest plan developed so far. With the first levels you will create a solid base in the muscles involved in the exercise to later learn the technique until you can do both the straddle planche and the full planche. The approximate duration of the routines is 50 minutes and although you start at a basic level, it is advisable to have completed one of the beginner plans such as 'Full body circuit' or 'Fullbody Domination'.

Must know

Program designed to train 2 times a week. With reinforcement routines in case you want to add more days.

Required Material

  • Bodyweight
  • Box
  • Parallettes
  • Low bar
  • Mini parallel bars


Being capable of doing:

  • 5 assisted short handstand push-ups
  • 15 dips

Phase 12 Weeks

Shoulder pre-conditioning

Phase 23 Weeks

Direct shoulder conditioning

Phase 33 Weeks

Lean and tucked planche

Phase 44 Weeks


Phase 54 Weeks

Handstand through pushing strength and advanced tucked planche

Phase 64 Weeks

Negative to straddle

Phase 74 Weeks

Straddle planche attempts

Phase 85 Weeks

Negative full planche

Phase 96 Weeks

Full planche

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