Press to Handstand

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Press to Handstand


Press to Handstand

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About this program

The handstand press movement, also known as the Olympic climb, involves starting from a hip flexion position with your hands and feet on the ground and coming up to a handstand position, keeping your back vertical and legs straight with your feet dotted. In this program we will work on the flexibility, technique and strength necessary to perform this movement.

Must know

  • The program is designed to be done twice a week, each phase includes an extra routine in case you want to do a third session.

  • We will focus on strength and technique, so you can take long rests of between 1'30'' and 3', depending on how difficult the routine is for you, although in flexibility exercises you can shorten this rest without any problem.

  • The duration of the routines is between 30 and 60 minutes.

  • Each phase has a recommended duration, but the actual duration will be the one that marks your progress and the time you need to achieve the objectives.


This program is designed for intermediate athletes who are able to do pushups with ease and who are able to get into a handstand, both freehand and against a wall.

Necessary material

The program can be done without material, although you can use push up or mini parallel grips if you find it more comfortable in some exercises.