Swing 360

  • Objective

  • Being able to complete the 360 swing with good technique.
  • Level

  • Intermediate
  • Duration

  • 10 Weeks
  • Frequence

  • 3 Days
Swing 360


The swing 360 is one of the basic tricks of dynamics. It consists of doing a full turn in the air and then grabbing the bar again. With this routine you will strengthen the exercises necessary to remove it and you will practice the different progressions. Strengthening is not 100% necessary in some cases, but they are very simple and short routines that will give you the security of having a good base for this movement.

Must know

  • The program is designed to be done twice a week, with an extra routine in case you want to do a 3rd session.
  • The duration of the routines is between 20' and 45'.
  • Use intermediate breaks between 1' and 2'30”.

Required Material

  • Pull up bar
  • Low bar
  • Parallettes


Being capable of doing:

  • 6 supine pull-ups

Phase 11 Weeks

Learn to swing

Phase 21 Weeks

Swing preparation

Phase 31 Weeks

90º Swing

Phase 42 Weeks

180º Swing

Phase 52 Weeks

270º Swing

Phase 63 Weeks

360º Swing

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