Your first Muscle Up

  • Objective

  • The goal of this program is that you can do at least 3 muscle ups
  • Level

  • Intermediate
  • Duration

  • 11 Weeks
  • Frequence

  • 3 Days
Your first Muscle Up


The muscle up, also known as a super bar, is one of the most complete upper body exercises that we can do in calisthenics. It is an explosive pull-up combined with a barbell bottom, so we will have to work power in pull-ups, dips and a bit of shoulder mobility and technique.

Must know

  • The program is designed to be done twice a week, in routines of approximately 50 minutes.
  • You will also have an extra routine in case you want to do a 3 day on some occasion.

Required Material

  • Pull up bar
  • Low bar
  • Bodyweight
  • Box
  • Parallettes
  • Swedish ladder


Being capable of doing:

  • 5 prone pull-ups

Phase 11 Weeks

Beginners conditioning

Phase 22 Weeks

General conditioning

Phase 32 Weeks

Muscle Up with jump

Phase 43 Weeks

Muscle up attempts

Phase 53 Weeks

Muscle up mastery

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