Smart Progress

Back and biceps muscle building

smart: Back and biceps muscle building


This Smart Progress is designed to work the back, specifically focusing on the lats, and the biceps. There will also be some back shoulder, mid and lower trapezius, and forearm work.


Designed so that you can start as a beginner, intermediate or advanced, the minimum requirement is that you can do at least 5 Australian pull-ups. The level test will adapt the routine to your ability.

Necessary material

You will need a low bar to do Australians and a pull-up bar.


Do this Smart Progress for Back Day 1-2 times a week. If your training is of the 'push, pull, leg' type, it works for you on pull day.

Rest times

The objective of this Smart Progress is hypertrophy, so you can take intermediate breaks, from 45” when the routines are easy for you, up to 2' when they are complicated. In case you are already at a very advanced level, you can extend the breaks up to 3-5 minutes.

To consider

We will work with basic repetition exercises, mainly pull-ups of all kinds, without learning skills such as the muscle up or the front lever. For those movements you have both specific training programs and Smart Progress dedicated to each of them.

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