Smart Progress


smart: Cardio


This Smart Progress is designed to work the cardiovascular system, ideal for people who want to improve their health, burn extra calories and sweat a little. Many people use cardio as a tool in weight loss and fat burning strategies, so it works perfectly for that too.


You must be able to do at least 10 burpees in a row.

Necessary material

No material is needed for this Smart Progress.


Perform this routine between 1 and 3 times a week, depending on how you have structured your training.

Rest times

For cardio routines, the ideal is to use short breaks, between 15” and 1' maximum, depending on how difficult the routine is for you.

To consider

If you've never done routines of this type, you don't have good stamina or you haven't worked on it for a long time, take it easy, start with long breaks and gradually reduce them over time.

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