Core at home

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Core at home
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Smart Progress

Core at home

About this Smart Progress

This Smart Progress is designed to work the muscles of the abdominal, lower back and hip flexors without the need for equipment.


You can start this Smart Progress as a beginner so there is no minimum requirement.

Necessary material

No material is needed for this Smart Progress.


Perform this routine between 1 and 3 times a week, depending on the priority you want to give to abs work. Normally, this work is complementary to the rest of your routines and not a main part of your training.

Rest times

We recommend using short rest times between 20” and 1':30”, depending on how difficult the routine is for you.

To consider

Remember that if your goal is to have visible abs, you should not only train them, but you should accompany them with a diet that allows you to have a low body fat percentage.