Smart Progress

Core at the park

smart: Core at the park


This Smart Progress is designed to work the muscles of the abdominal, lower back and hip flexors with the normal equipment of a calisthenics park.


You can start this Smart Progress as a beginner so there is no minimum requirement.

Necessary material

Pull-up bar and parallel bars.


Perform this routine between 1 and 3 times a week, depending on the priority you want to give to abdominal work. Normally, this work is complementary to the rest of your routines and not a main part of your training.

Rest times

We recommend using short rest times of between 20” and 1':30”, depending on how difficult the routine is for you, being able to reach 2' or 3' when you are at a very advanced level.

To consider

Remember that if your goal is to have visible abs, you should not only train them, but you should accompany them with a diet that allows you to have a low body fat percentage. If you want to do abdominal work without the need for equipment, you have the Smart Progress of Core At Home.

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