Smart Progress

Flexibility and mobility

smart: Flexibility and mobility


In this Smart Progress we will work to improve your flexibility and mobility throughout the body, focusing on the points that are usually necessary for the practice of calisthenics and its advanced movements and on the points that are necessary to maintain good health and functionality. In addition, we will work both actively with simple stretches, and actively with movements in which you must use certain specific muscles.


There are no requirements to do this Smart Progress.

Necessary material

You do not need material for this Smart Progress.


Use this Smart Progress between 1 and 3 times a week, depending on the importance you want to give it. Use it as a complement to the rest of your routines.

Rest times

Use short rest times between 15” and 30”.

To consider

We will work on flexibility at the full body level, and some specific mobility elements such as scapular protraction and retraction and pelvic retroversion.

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