Smart Progress


smart: Fullbody


In this Smart progress we will carry out a full body routine by series in which we will make sure to work with the best exercises in an approach to increase muscle mass that does not produce decompensations.


You can start this Smart Progress whatever your level, with no requirements, the initial test will adapt the routine to your ability.

Necessary material

You will need a pull-up bar and parallel bars.


You can do this routine between 1 and 4 times a week. If you have a plan in which you divide the workouts by muscle groups, you can use the full body as a complement.

Rest times

The objective of this Smart Progress is hypertrophy, so you can take intermediate breaks, from 45” when the routines are easy for you, up to 2' when they are complicated. In case you are already at a very advanced level, you can extend the breaks up to 3-5 minutes.

To consider

In this Smart Progress we mainly work with basic exercises with repetitions, but you will also learn some skills such as muscle ups, pistol squats, or one-arm push-ups.

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