Smart Progress


smart: Handstand


With this Smart Progress you can work to master the handstand, also known as handstand or vertical. Specifically, you will progress until you are able to hold it for at least 15”.


This Smart and its level tests are designed so that you can start as a beginner, so being able to do push-ups with your knees supported will be enough.

Necessary material

No material of any kind is necessary.


Perform this Smart Progress between 1 and 3 times a week. Depending on the importance you want to give to the goal of getting the pin. If you combine it with other workouts, this Smart can serve as a push day and a shoulder, pec, and triceps day.

Rest times

The goal of this Smart is to improve skill and strength, so the breaks don't need to be short. You can use from 1' when the routine is simple to 2'30” when it gets more complicated.

To consider

In this Smart you will learn to do a handstand by impulse, not a handstand by force, for the handstand by force you have two specific Training Programs in the programs section. This Smart ends at the handstand, it doesn't progress to progressions like handstand pushups or handstand presses. For these objectives you have the Handstand Press program or the Planks Smart Progress.

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