Smart Progress


smart: Hefesto


In this Smart Progress we will work to achieve the Hefesto, starting from the simplest progressions and with joint and mobility preparation.


You should be able to do at least the back lever and 10 pullups.

Necessary material

You will need a pull-up bar, low bar, and parallel bars.


Do this Smart Progress between 1 and 2 times a week, depending on the importance you want to give to learning this skill in your planning.

Rest times

The goal of this Smart is to improve skill and strength, so the breaks don't need to be short. You can use from 1' when the routine is simple to 3' when it gets more complicated, being able to reach up to 5' when you are in the final stages.

To consider

The hefesto is a very demanding exercise for the joints, remember to warm up well and not skip mobility exercises. If you think you need extra work in this regard, you can use the specific Smart, Programs and loose routines for it.

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