Smart Progress

One hand pull-up

smart: One hand pull-up


In this Smart Progress we will learn to do pull-ups with one hand, specifically until you are able to do 6 repetitions with each arm.


You can start this Smart Progress as a beginner, but we recommend that you be able to do at least 5 pull-ups.

Necessary material

You will need a pull up bar and a low bar for the pull ups.


Do this Smart Progress between 1 and 3 times a week, depending on the importance you want to give to learning this skill in your planning. If you divide your training by push - pull - leg, this Smart can be used as a pull day, and if you divide your training by muscle groups, this Smart can be used as a back and biceps day.

Rest times

The goal of this Smart is to improve skill and strength, so the breaks don't need to be short. You can use from 1':30” when the routine is easy to 3-5' when it gets more complicated.

To consider

We recommend always working with both sides in unilateral exercises.

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