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Posture improvement

smart: Posture improvement


One of the most common problems people encounter today is poor posture, especially a hunched upper back and forward head. In this Smart we will carry out exercises that will help us solve (or prevent, if applicable) this problem, working the muscles that need to be toned, and stretching the muscles that are overloaded. In addition, we will also add complementary work to ensure a good posture in the hip area.


There are no minimum requirements to do this Smart Progress.

Necessary material

You will need elastic bands to perform this Smart Progress.


If you already have posture problems, do this routine 2-3 times a week until you correct them. From there, or if you just want to prevent these problems, use this routine in a complementary way 1 time a week.

Rest times

You can use short rest times, between 30” and 1’.

To consider

We will work the muscles of the upper back: middle and lower trapezius, rear deltoids, etc. And we will stretch the pectoral, dorsal, and flexor muscles of the neck. For the hip area we will work hamstrings, buttocks and abdominals and we will stretch hip flexors.

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