Your first muscle up

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Your first muscle up
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Smart Progress

Your first muscle up

About this Smart Progress

In this Smart Progress we will work so that you can get the Muscle up, reaching the point where you can do at least 5 repetitions. Once you get it, we will also work on some variants such as the closed grip, wide grip or supine grip.


You can start this Smart Progress as a complete beginner, although we recommend being able to do at least a few repetitions of chin-ups and chin-ups.

Necessary material

You will need a pull-up bar and some parallel bars.


Perform this Smart Progress between 1 and 3 times a week. Depending on the importance you want to give to the goal of getting the muscle up. If you combine it with other workouts, this Smart can fulfill the role of upper body day.

Rest times

The goal of this Smart is to improve skill and strength, so the breaks don't need to be short. You can use from 1' when the routine is simple to 3' when it gets more complicated.

To consider

In this Smart you will learn to do the muscle up, and some variants with different grips. You'll also learn how to do some explosive pull-up variations like clap pull-ups.