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Keys to recover your motivation and never lose it again

Yerai Alonso

Yerai Alonso

Keys to recover your motivation and never lose it again

Sometimes when you have been training for a while and you are not getting the results that you want, you can lose your motivation, and feel that you aren't excited about your routine for today or that you might stop training all along.

In this article I want to give you some advice from my experience about how to pass that phase and how to avoid it happening again, with some easy steps, lets start:

Center your training around the things that you like

When you are demotivated it is not the moment to train exercises that you dislike, that feel to hard for you or that you cannot execute properly. That will frustrate you even more and make you think that you are not training correctly.

The best that you can do when you are not motivated is to center around exercise, tricks and movements that you like most, that you feel strong doing, that come easy for you etc. This way you make sure to have a great performance in your training and finish your routine with positive feelings.

Train less

If you are demotivated, I don't recommend you to go training hard every day, because that will feel like a chore and you will accumulate fatigue. This will make you have poor performance and lose your motivation even more.

Instead of that, take some rest days, wait until you have more enthusiasm about training, let yourself miss it a little bit and recharge your energy. This way when you finally go training you will enjoy it much more and have a better time.

Teach someone

One of the best ways to feel good about your training is to know that other people are benefiting from it. Try to help everyone as much as you can, specially help those who have less experiencie than you. Teach them everything you know and help them achieve their goals. This can be done in your park, gym or even in your social media, youtube etc.

You will realize that what you have learn can help you, but also can help other people and it will give you motivation to keep learning. Every time someone achieves something with your help, it will feel like your own achievement.

Have easy goals

When you are losing motivation, one of the things that can crush you even more is to have goals that feel unreachable or way too hard.

One good way to not lose your motivation is to have easier goals that feel more achievable. For both your training goals and your routine goals every day.

Try to get tricks that you know you can master in a couple weeks, divide them in progressions and unlock each one at a time. Think short term.

For example instead of having as a goal "get front lever", first have the goal to "get 20 seconds of tucked front lever", then "get 20 seconds of advanced tucked front lever" and so on. Instead of "I want to have full planche", try first 10x10 assisted handstand push ups, 5 frogstand to handstand reps, then tucked to handstand, then straddle and finally full planche.

Also you can set easy goals for every session. For example don't go to the park thinking "today I have to do swing 540º", it is better to think "today my goal is to do 6 trys of swing 540º", and feel satisfied for achieving that goal, knowing that you are closer to the final trick.

The key is to always keep improving but step by step, without looking for a miracle in every training session.

Change your routine

If you are in a down period, feeling bad about your training and you keep doing the same things over and over, it won't be of any help. Try to change your way of training, try other methods, change the exercises that you dislike most, try new exercises that are interesting for you, change the type of routines etc.

You can even try to change the time of the day that you go trainig, or the place where you train, and who do you train with... that little details can give you boosts of motivation.

Training for a long time without changing anything can be a sure way to lose motivation, specially when your body adapts and the progress slows down.

I hope this advice can help you get your motivation back and help you know what to do if you feel that you are losing it. And if you know someone who need this article share it with him.


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