The ideal exercise for people looking to lose weight post cover

The ideal exercise for people looking to lose weight

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Yerai Alonso

In this article, we will explain a very complete and easy-to-perform calisthenics exercise, since it does not require equipment or external elements, so you can easily incorporate it into your home workouts. We are talking about burpees, a multi-joint exercise that generates a lot of energy expenditure in a short time, so it can be especially useful for those who want to lose weight and burn fat, combined with a hypocaloric diet.

Although the burpee is an easy exercise to perform on a technical level, it is very complete, since it targets both the upper and lower body. In addition, it helps you to increase explosive strength, coordination and cardiovascular endurance. The structure of the movement basically consists of a combination of a jump, a squat, a push-up position, perform a push-up, return and rise.

However, in order to make the exercise really effective, it is necessary to increase the number of reps until it creates a real stimulus for the muscles involved. The speed at which the exercise is carried out will depend on the technical mastery of each one. If we want to perform a high number of reps, it is crucial to maintain a moderate and constant speed throughout the exercise.

There are slight variations of this movement. There are those who prefer to pat during the jump as a soundproof that the rep is well done and to facilitate the counting of reps. However, this is not decisive. If we are beginners and we still cannot perform push-ups correctly, we can adapt the exercise by resting our body on the ground instead of doing the push-up and stand up with the help of our knees.

An example for an intermediate level person might be to perform 100 burpees in 10 minutes. The idea would be to progressively increase the reps (150, 200, etc.) as we reduce the rest time to increase cardiovascular endurance. In conclusion, burpees are a very complete exercise, but that does not mean that we should exclusively train burpees. Burpees do not specifically target the back of the body, for example, the back muscles. Therefore, it is important to combine burpees with other exercises such as push-ups, dips, pull-ups, etc.

If you want to incorporate burpees into your home routines, Calisteniapp offers you several free routines like this cardio routine or the challenge of 21 days at home. In addition, in the Smart Progress of cardio you will find both this and other similar exercises that will help you achieve your goals in a progressive way.

Written by Johanna Suárez Hernández

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