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Keys to improve Pull-ups

Yerai Alonso

Yerai Alonso

Keys to improve Pull-ups

In physical exercise, the pulling movement is one of the most important due to the great muscle activation it provides. This consists of performing a certain amount of force (depending on the load) to bring an object towards some place, which is generally our body. Pedro Luis Rodríguez García says the following: ¨Traction exercises are understood to be those that bring resistance to the body. These in turn may be in a vertical direction in front of the body or to its sides and could also be carried out in an anteroposterior direction or horizontally (2008, p. 102). ¨

There are various types of traction exercises and the vast majority produce an activation of the great dorsal muscle, the type of grip (supine, neutral or prone) does not generate great differences in terms of the activation of a greater number of muscle groups, but it does a greater amount of fibers. In the case of pull-ups or pull-ups, it is still believed that there is better work in terms of bringing the bar to the chest or neck, Pedro Luis Rodríguez García in his book mentions that Boeckh-Behrens and Buskies according to electromyographic records they carried out concluded that none of these variants it preferentially activates the upper, middle and lower portions of the great dorsal muscle; however, there is a risk of injury to the shoulder joint when using the behind-the-neck variation.

Finally, having a clear concept about the pulling movement will help to be aware of the muscles that we are using, therefore, we can have a better organization in our workouts in this way we will obtain greater efficiency.

Pull ups: easy but effective

The pull ups and chin upst, are undoubtedly one of the best exercises to work the back, The muscles requested are the latissimus dorsi, biceps, forearms, teres major, lower portion trapezius, rhomboids and abdomen (in an isometric way). Of course, there are many variants of pull-ups, but in almost most cases the following tips will be of great help.

Keys to improve pull-up exercises:

  1. keep in mind that it is a pulling movement in which we must always keep in mind that it is the bar that should go towards us, since on the contrary it is thought that we are the ones who go to the bar.
  2. Having a good grip is essential, since it will help us to maintain the position and not fatigue the forearms, in this way we can stay longer in suspension and do a better job (in terms of repetitions and resistance).
  3. Weight or add weight to prone chin-ups or pull ups, this method should be taken into account when you already have a good command of this exercise, the added weight should start at 15% of our body weight at most and go progressively increasing it.

Use the CALISTENIAPP routines to progress in pull-ups with all the plans that we have prepared for you.


-- Rodríguez, P. (2008). Ejercicio físico en las salas de acondicionamiento muscular: Bases científico-médicas para una práctica segura y saludable. Madrid: Ed. Médica Panamericana


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